Old Leech is the ancient alien entity worshipped by the [[Children of Old Leech]]. Old Leech plays an important role in most of Barron's stories. These stories are often called the Old Leech Mythos or Universe. See also: [[Multiverse]]. Old Leech is often symbolized by a broken [[Ouroboros]]. Old Leech and His children are often described as loving humanity, despite appearing cruel towards humans. "He's sleepy like a bear in winter. Dreamin' of his people. Dreamin' of us here in the daylight, too. But he's wakin' up. Be creepin' out a his den pretty soon, I reckon (...) He loves his people. Loves us too, in a different way." (The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All, p. 240) Despite being shrouded in mystery, most of the exposition and explanation regarding Old Leech comes from the ending of [[The Croning]]: Quotes TBA The following stories are probably part of the Old Leech Mythos: (Note: this list is definitely not up to date and might be completely superfluous because literally all stories might be part of the Old Leech Mythos.) [[The Croning]] [[The Men from Porlock]] [[The Broadsword (Story)]] [[Mysterium Tremendum]] [[Jaws of Saturn]] [[The Siphon]] [[Hand of Glory (Story)]] [[The One We Tell Bad Children]] #Character