Welcome to the Laird Barron Mapping Project. This website is a personal project I started somewhere in 2021. Its main goal (next to just being fun for [[About me|me]]) is to map the world [[Laird Barron]] has created with his novels and short stories. There's countless intriguing connections and details hidden throughout his work - and there's way too little online resources to dig into! So, like a lot of Barron readers probably do, I dove into all the little puzzles and started taking notes. This is where [Obsidian](https://obsidian.md/) came in. Obsidian is a note-taking application with a strong focus on making connections between your notes. A lot of people use it as a personal [Zettelkasten](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zettelkasten), as a way to structure their college notes, to create a Digital Garden or create a personal wiki for their custom tabletop RPG setting. I started using it to link together Laird Barron's stories, keep track of them and just create [cool looking visuals](https://i.imgur.com/XIVU9xZ.jpeg). I'm publishing my Obsidian project here, just in case there's other people who feel like there's not enough online resources or discussion regarding Laird Barron's works. Maybe it'll prove useful (or at least fun) to someone else out there. Cheers. So in short, this website is an ever-evolving collection of interconnected notes pertaining to the various recurring characters, locations, symbols and artifacts (seemingly pointing towards a [[Multiverse]]) found in the works of horror author Laird Barron. Don't know where to begin? You could visit a lovely, famous Barron locale such as [[Olympia, WA]] or dive into Barron's twisted, dark fantasy mirror world known as [[Antiquity]] and take it from there. --- ### __Updates__ I'll try to keep track of all the updates to the website on [[Updates|this page]]. --- ### __Disclaimer__ There will be spoilers. This website'll probably make little sense to you if you haven't read any of Barron's works. This website is a continuous work in progress. The pages are just notes. They're not meant to be polished blog posts or well-written articles. Some notes might be comprehensive, but others might be ridiculously incomplete or downright wrong. The map is not exhaustive. For example, you'll find that [[Swift To Chase]] is currently horribly underrepresented despite being a treasure trove of interconnected goodness. I myself haven't even read all of Barron's work yet. On the plus side, for me at least, this means I still have some great reading to look forward to. The map is mostly about pointing out how certain things are connected and gives a general overview of Barron's universe. There's probably loads of people out there with a way better grip on Barron's works, but all tidbits of information and insight seem scattered around the internet. Until now. I'm not really planning on doing any in-depth explanations, interpretations or analysis. Would be cool though, so let's keep it in mind. --- ### __About me__ Because every website needs to have one of these: [[About me]]. #Meta